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Vins fins et de caractère, domaine de l'Odylée, Plan de dieu

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vin rosé cote du rhone 2017 la fougueuse domaine de l'Odylée



The Cuvée l’Impétueuse is our special Syrah concentred vintage with wood. After ageing in oak half-muids of for more than 18 months, the blending of Syrah offers a beautiful dark and purple colour.


Prevalence of Syrah 100 %.

Deep dark red colour.

Open nose on aromas of cassis and ripe blackcurrant fruit and spices and black pepper with a background of liquorice. Discreet impact from the maturing in oak barrels.

Particularly full and long tasting on the palate with clear aromas, silky tannins, red fruit, cassis, spicy notes and pepper and liquorice.

This “Vin de Garde” ca nage until 2030 ; Before tasting, it must lay one year in a dark place at a temperature between 14 to 18°C.

All kind of meats cooked dishes and ripened cheese. Chocolate dessert.

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