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The Cuvée l’Audacieuse is our special Grenache leather vintage. After ageing in oak half-muids for more than 18 months, the predominance of Grenache which is the herald grape of Côtes du Rhône, gives this powerful wine a beautiful purple color and a remarkable length. The Audacieuse is distinguished by its Grenache matured in the mouth with candied fruit, and strong floral notes, leather and terroir flavours animals, while keeping a great freshness.


Prevalence of Grenache 100 %.

Deep purple color.

Open nose with aromas of candied fruit with floral and animal notes and blackcurrant background. Discreet impact of wood.

An ample and melted mouth with silky aromas of red fruit, mineral notes, long-tasting and a great powerful in the mouth.

A perfect wine for the aperitif and a light menu. To be onsumed until 2030. Keep for a year and more and store away from light with a temperature between 14 and 18 degrees.

Aperitif, all meats, cooked meals and cheeses.

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